3 Ways Flooding Damage in Your California Home Is Worse Than Expected

Published October 21st, 2020 by Devteam

If you've experienced a flood in your home, then you know how upsetting flooding damage can be. The extent of damage in your home depends on how bad the flood was and how much remediation your house needs. 

Luckily for Southern California homeowners, there is professional flood damage restoration available. You won't have to struggle with drying your home and removing damaged materials, because professional flood damage clean-up companies take care of everything. 

Once professionals arrive at your home, they'll be able to do a site inspection and determine the severity of flooding damage done to your home. There are 3 ways to determine whether flooding damage inside your home is worse than anticipated, which you'll learn about here. 

The Effects of Flooding Damage

There are various reasons your home suffers from flood damage. Whether it was the result of a flash flood or burst pipe within your home, flooding damage can be severe and cause more issues than you realize. 

1. Foundation Problems

Your home's foundation is crucial for its structural integrity. Unfortunately, floods can damage your home's foundation, causing it to crack. 

When this happens, mold and mildew can set in. When caught immediately, a professional water restoration company can remove these toxic spores. However, if left without flood damage repair, mold can travel throughout your house, affecting your air quality and your health. 

Aside from mold and mildew, foundation cracks can lead to bigger problems for your house. The structure of your home may suffer and become frail. Your walls may bow in and in severe instances, homes can collapse. 

2. Drywall Mold

As moisture seeps into your drywall, it can cause mold to grow. Mold can be very dangerous and a health hazard, so it's best not to allow the issue to persist for any length of time.

Since mold spores can become airborne, the health of you and your family may become compromised. 

You may notice stains and spots on your walls, as well as the drywall starting to disintegrate due to water damage. If this is the case, the drywall will need to be cut and removed, along with any mold that may be inside your walls. 

3. Electrical System Damage

This is one of the most dangerous things that can occur as a result of a flood, as damage to your home's electrical system is a fire hazard.

This needs to be addressed immediately by a professional, so don't hesitate to contact a professional water restoration service at the first sight of water or flood damage in or around your home.  

In the event of a flood and if you can do so safely, disconnect your home's electrical source and remove your family and pets until your home can be evaluated for safety. 

Professional Flooding Damage Restoration 

No matter what type of flooding damage you experience in your Southern California home, be sure to act swiftly in order to prevent serious issues from arising at a later time. Professional water restoration companies can fix flooding damage, but most issues are time-sensitive, so address them immediately to avoid potential health and safety concerns. 

Don't let flooding damage ruin your home and your health. Contact us today and a member of our dedicated staff will discuss how we can fully restore your home from water damage. 

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