Can Your House Make You Sick? A Full Guide on Mold Allergies

Published February 11th, 2020 by Devteam

There are five types of dangerous mold. 

In these categories are many species of mold that can cause mild to serious health complications. If you have ever wondered can your house make you sick, the answer is it’s not the house. It’s the mold. 

Indoor air quality is a primary concern for both acute and chronic conditions. These range from respiratory infections to asthma. Being exposed to harmful mold spores and allergens can cause reactions that can even include death. 

Can Your House Make You Sick? 

What is inside your house can make you sick. The risk of dangerous mold goes up if you have had flooding, water damage, or excessive rainfall. All of these things can trigger the growth of mold in or under your home. 

Mold affects us by releasing spores. These spores are how mold spreads, and when they are in the air, we can inhale them. If you inhale enough dangerous mold spores, you can develop a medical condition. It is possible to think your allergies are acting up when it’s actually a dangerous mold. 

You can’t see mold spores. They are so small that they seem invisible to our eyes. The task of removing mold can be very difficult. Professional mold remediation can find and destroy the mold that is causing you problems. 

Mold and Allergies 

It’s possible to be allergic to mold. Depending on the strain of mold that you are allergic to, your reaction can vary. Most people will experience typical allergy symptoms like running noses, coughing, and shortness of breath.

Having mold spores in your indoor air can also cause irritation to the throat, eyes, and airway. If you experience frequent allergy symptoms, you should consider having your home inspected for mold. You may find that you aren’t having as many allergic issues as you think. 

Prolonged Exposure Is Dangerous

Staying in an environment where mold is prevalent can be dangerous. The number of spores you breathe in will increase as the size and scope of the mold problem grow. Constant exposure to toxic mold will increase the severity of your symptoms. Acting as soon as possible is required to protect your health and that of your family. 

Ending the exposure can cure you of symptoms. Depending on the type of mold, most issues will clear up on their own once the mold is removed. This is because you aren’t constantly exposed to more spores, and therefore your body has time to repair itself. Can your house make you sick? With proper mold treatment, it won’t.  

Health Risk and Danger

Mold is no laughing matter. Not only can mold be very difficult to find and remove, but it can be extremely toxic. Some types of mold are known to carry fatal risks. 

When you ask yourself can your house make you sick, the answer you are left with is that it can. If you want to prevent a risk of severe respiratory distress, high medical bills, and even potential death, contact us at American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction services.

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