Leave It to the Pros: The Dangers of Removing Black Mold Yourself

Published January 10th, 2020 by Devteam

Many homeowners think of removing black mold as something they can do themselves.

That's rarely the case, the Stachybotrys chartarum organism is dangerous on many levels and can severely infect your home.

Don't take the risk.

If you're considering a DIY solution for this serious problem then read on. You'll quickly see why it's a dangerous task best left to the professionals.

Removing Black Mold Often Releases Spores

Spores are one of the contaminants that will make you ill when you're dealing with black molds. They contain the mycotoxins which are famous for causing serious health issues in people exposed.

Cleaning these molds often shakes spores loose. You may be able to handle what you can see but you'll need monitoring equipment to ensure that the room is free of toxic spores.

In addition, spores will spread and allow for other areas to be contaminated.

You Can Only See Part of the Problem

All fungi consist of an intricate network of hyphae called mycelium. The fuzzy patches that are characteristic of mold are the fruiting bodies of these smaller organisms.

Fungal reproduction is extremely complex but the easiest way for the layman to understand it is to say that's produced by spores.

The problem is that the smaller units that make up a colony can work their way into any crack or crevice where the conditions are right.

Molds Can Cause Skin Issues

Even if you're sure you know what you're dealing with and wearing a respirator the mycotoxins which form the toxic component of most molds can cause irritation to the skin.

Contact dermatitis is a condition where the skin has been irritated by something toxic and can be uncomfortable... and the crevices of your skin can also cause you to spread mold.

Spores Stay Airborne

One of the biggest missing factors with DIY mold removal is that homeowners don't have the equipment required to monitor and clean the air in a mold infected home.

Cleaning visible mold is just the start. Full mold remediation also requires cleaning the air to prevent health problems and keep the mold from recurring in the near future.

DIY Mold Removal Can Make Things Worse

Even if you're able to clean all of the visible molds yourself, find the source of humidity causing it, and manage to not get infected you may still make the problem worse.

Shaking spores loose will allow them to settle in other parts of the home. Loose spores on clothing can end up in other areas as well, spreading them through the home.

It takes too much care and equipment for the average homeowner. In the end, there's only one real option for black mold removal.

Get Professional Help

If you're dealing with a black mold removal situation you'll need to find someone with the experience, tools, and knowledge to properly diagnose and fix the problem.

That means calling someone who specializes in handling the damage caused by black mold before it begins to affect your family.

If you're in Southern California and dealing with an infestation then call us today and we'll see what we can do to help.

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