Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup

If you have a sewage leak and need to find a sewage cleanup company, then give the team at American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services a call today. Don’t wait! Because having a sewage problem can lead to terrible health effects. Our team serves the city of Riverside, California and serves the surrounding cities and counties as well.


Whether it is clean water or dirty water, our team can give you the help that you need. So that we can get your home or business back to a healthy environment.

Sewage can have dangerous effects to anyone exposed to it and the longer that is sits the more damage that it is able to cause. That is why you need a professional team that can respond quickly, so that the issue can be fixed promptly. Our team has years of experience and will be able to respond fast to your home or business.

We make sure that your home is clean and habitable again. This means that we will disinfect the area using the best techniques and tools available. If there are items or places in your home that cannot be salvaged, then there may be a need to remove, repair, and restore these areas of your home.