The leaks have done some damages at our basement and we actually failed to notice the problem early. Thankfully this company was there to relieve us of the stress and they did an excellent job with restoring our basement. Work on our basement was taken care of by the crew from this company and the result was great. We couldn't be any happier with their fast response and service. Wouldn't hesitate to recommended this company to others.

This company was a pleasure to work with. The team did an excellent work on repairing the damaged areas as well as kept me updated of the progress. When it came to appointment, they were prompt and when it came to the actual work, they were very professional, efficient and proficient. I am definitely giving them a score of five for that.

I do like the services from them. Staffs are very experiences and nice. They helped me to resovle all problems of our new hourse. The reports and solution are very professional in my eyes. They always explained the schedule and procedures very clearly. Their services comfort us for our seller's fraud. Mr. Steve always provided some constructive suggestions for us and help us to prepare the professional papers against seller's fraud. We appreciate their additional workload for us to prepare for insuracne claim later. Thank the team, Mike, Ricky and other nice staff. I highly recommend them here for after experienced seller's fraud the nice pepople should derserve good faith from their clients.

We had a slow leak that went undetected under our kitchen sink that led to mold problem. I had contacted a major franchise of emergency mold remediation services who shall remain nameless. They said they could do the work for one price until they found out I was going through my homeowners insurance. Then suddenly the price tripled! I had a bad feeling about that, so I started calling around. I am SO GLAD I found Anthony! He called me back within 5 minutes, came out the next day, gave me a written estimate, and did every single thing he promised when he promised it!!! I can't remember the last time I had such EXCELLENT service. Anthony stayed in contact with me via text message throughout the process, even letting me know if he was going to be 15 minutes late!! I'm SOOO impressed! And I felt very comfortable having Anthony in our home doing the work. If you need something done, he's the guy to call!!

Was great to work with. Anthony was responsive and honest. Price was competitive as well. I had a small job to patch a ceiling and he was able to work with my schedule and got it done nicely in about 1.5 hours. Even with a small job, he was professional over the phone ensuring he cared even about the small jobs. You know what I mean; sometimes when a company have large jobs (in this case, he told me his guys were busy) the little ones gets toss aside as filler work. I didn't get the sense from this experience as he snuck out of the large job for a couple hours and did my small one. I would use him again.

Anthony provided such a great service, he is very professional and very kind gentleman. One word I don't throw around a lot about people is "Genuine" and that's the kind of character Anthony possesses. Keep up the great work man! Looking forward to work with you again!

I had a leaky water and surrounding mold that needed immediate attention. Anthony Legnon of American Emergency Restoration drove from Cerritos to my residence in the LAX area as soon as he got the call and did outstanding work in the demo and sanitizing of the affected area. He was informative, polite and courteous and I would recommend him and this company to anyone for your home needs.

Thank you so much! Your timely manner in repairing our ceiling damage (due to a leak in our roof) was so appreciated. The care in protecting the surrounding area and the seamless blending and texture are incredible. THANK YOU again!

My plumber found mold in the bathroom. I got referral to American Emergency Restoration from him. The job was done not very smooth but the manager, his name is Bobby, was willing to help. He is a very attentive person. If he says he will call you at 1:00, your phone ring at 1:00. He resolve the problem fast and I feel very appreciate on his professional way of dealing with issues.

I had a leak in my upstairs bathroom that carried over to the garage and also impacted one wall of my downstairs bedroom. The repair required mold remediation, plumbing repair and reconstruction. The staff from American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services responded to my home in a timely manner, took photos of the impacted areas , and got back to me with a detailed and accurate plan to repair my home. The prices were fair and the staff were phenomenal! Kudos to Anthony ( mold remediation), Ricky ( reconstruction) and Mike (painting). Your professionalism, humor, skill and talent are to be commended. My home looks PERFECT!! The staff took the time to do the job RIGHT! You would never know I had a leak!! Thanks also to Bobby and Leslie in the office. I would (and have) absolutely recommend this company to friends and family.

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