Steve Watson is the owner of this construction company. Steve's company and crew were top notch. They helped with a rehab and remodel of a rental home I owned in San Bernardino. I so like and enjoy this construction company, I almost don't want to give away such a valuable resource because there is so few good and honest construction companies. Steve had both an active license and workers comp for his crew, which is so rare in a contractor these days. If you are reading this yelp review, don't waste your time with unlicensed and incompetent contractors and give Steve a call. This guy is legit.

I didn't hire them. I didn't have to hire them. So grateful!

During the sale of our home we had a panicky home inspector tell the buyers there was black mold under our home due to a leaky sewage pipe in the crawl space.

First of all, you can't diagnose mold without actually testing it, but that doesn't matter.

Anthony and Angel came out for an estimate, FREE OF CHARGE! I literally called every remediation company in Riverside and everyone wanted $$$ just to come, put on all their gear, and crawl under my house in July. I understand why they wanted money, but the prices ranged from $150-$350!!! And not all of them were willing to apply the cost of the estimate to the job.

So, like I said, free of charge they came out, put on their gear, and Angel crawled under, leaky sewage and all, took pictures, came out from under the house, and announced that we had no visible mold and the odor must have made the inspector think it was mold.

He also said there wasn't anything they could do to help us and it was really an easy fix. They recommended that after the plumber fixed up the pipe, we simply cover the small area of contaminated soil with several bags of sand to absorb the moisture and suppress the odor as it dried.

I was floored. These guys could have hustled us, no problem. I appreciate honest people who are truly interested in helping people. It is without reservation that I would recommend this company.

My plumber found mold in the bathroom. I got referral to American Emergency Restoration from him. The job was done not very smooth but the manager, his name is Bobby, was willing to help. He is a very attentive person. If he says he will call you at 1:00, your phone ring at 1:00. He resolve the problem fast and I feel very appreciate on his professional way of dealing with issues.

The basement got flooded due to a leak that had to call to the quickest company to help us with that problem. That company is no other than this one. Their quick response and excellent customer service were the reasons why I am giving this company five stars. Prompt, efficient and professional. The kind of traits that I needed in a company to do the right job. Have recommended them to multiple friends who might need their services.

This company is completely reliable when it comes to damage restoration. It was a friend of mine that told me about this company and when our home suffered water damage, we immediately called to this company. They were quick to comply and very efficient with the restoration. Their quotes were great as well. Highly recommend this one to others.

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